How to Make Your Roblox Character Taller

If you are here then you know what Roblox rblx land is and I don’t think I have to introduce the game or what it has in store for guys. Today’s article is about how you can scale your avatar and change its size just the way you want. You can make it taller and can change its scale without going through a lot of trouble.

Steps to configuring scale of your Avatar:

  • Go to the Roblox web page and there spot your Avatar on the sidebar of the Webpage and select it.
  • When you click the Avatar you will be redirected to the page where you can customize your avatar.
  • There will be two options underneath your avatar one will be R6 and R15 make sure that R15 is selected because that’s the only way you will be able to customize your Avatar.
  • After selecting the R15 option you will see a Scaling option underneath having a sliding bar.
  • You can move the scale bar from right to left and decide the size of your avatar.
  • You can change the height between 95% to 105% of an avatar.
  • If you want to change the width you can change that between 75% to 100%.

Configuring your avatar also depends on the game you are playing, by default all the games on Roblox support R15 characters that help you scale your avatar as mentioned in the above steps. But if the game you are playing only allows R6 characters then the width and height will be set on default so first, we have to know that whether the game of that avatar allows you scaling or not.

Determining Scaling on Roblox:

  • Go to the Develop page on Roblox Studio.
  • Then click on the Game menu to access the information of the game you are playing.
  • This will open a dropdown menu and there you will find the option Configure Games next to your game.
  • When you are in the Configure Menu go to the Basic Settings.
  • There will see two sections Avatar Type Options and Avatar Scaling Options.
  • If the game has given permission to the players to use scaling R15 will be selected for Avatar Type Options and Player Choice will be selected for Avatar Scaling options.

Extreme Scaling on Roblox.

So there is another option of extreme scaling on Roblox and that is when the game offers the player the freedom of scaling the avatar with the four new NumberValue objects that are called the R15 characters that include: BodyDepthScale, BodyHeightScale, BodyWidthScale and lastly HeadScale.

Now with this freedom of configuring the scaling of your avatar, you can change values by multiplying the original size of the avatar by current value to get that dimension. If you are using scripts in your game then the best part about is that you won’t be restricted to the scale limits available on the Avatar Customizer page.

I hope you can now get your Avatar to the size you want and make it as tall or wide. Have fun!

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