How to Make Morphs in Roblox

Roblox is an online game and its theme is based on construction which assists the player get creative and use different techniques to build whatever they like.  There are multiple models and building units that are provided by the game which you can use if you like but most people prefer to build their own models which they can share with the Roblox community.


Morph is somewhat of a model and players can clone these morphs simply by touch it. Creating Morphs from scratch is a bit more tricky as it requires scripting but you don’t have to worry about it as there are free morphs are available on Roblox and you can even customize them the way you want.

Today, as you might have guessed from the heading, is that we are going to be talking about creating morphs on Roblox rblx land.  So let’s talk about that without further ado, creating Morphs is very simple and once you will know all the steps it won’t seem daunting anymore.

Creating Morphs:

To create morph you first need to go to the Roblox Studio and then simply open the tool panel by clicking the tool icon available on the screen. After doing so you should select the categories option and then from the category pull-down menu you have to choose the Free Models Option.

You will see the option of Morph there you can choose any morph that you might like and to make it official you have to click on the thumbnail so it can appear in the world viewer so you can turn your character into that morph. You can also turn your character into that morph by simply clicking the test tab that is in the menu bar from there you can see your morph character in action.

You should walk your character to the morph and Walla your character will be turned into the morph. But if for some reason it doesn’t turn into that morph then you should select another morph from the thumbnails you visited before.

Customizing Morph:

You can also customize your morph by clicking the part you want to edit such as the legs, torso and arms etc. You can even resize all of the body past and can also change their color and if you want to remove something of the morph simply delete it.

If you have started the game and you want to change something of your morph you can edit it by going to the properties panel and to access the properties panel just click on the morph. You can change pretty much everything such that their name, health, speed, etc.

There is another option of editing the morph it is through the explorer panel. You should choose the View tab and then click the Explorer to get access to the explorer panel. After that double click, the Workspace folder and then double click again but this time the morph in the explorer panel and make any changes you like.

I hope you have found this article helpful and can get the morph you want. Good Luck!

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