How to Make Clothes on Roblox

As you can see by the topic today I will be discussing how you can make clothes on Roblox rblx land, it is not as complicated as you might think and I have created a quite simple guide to help you out. After finishing this article you will know all there is to know about making clothes for your avatar.


First I will tell you all about making t-shirts for your avatar so let’s get into it without wasting any more time. T-shirts are very easy to design because you just have to apply an image of your liking to the torso of your avatar to make a t-shirt, the only thing you should keep in mind about the image you will be using to make the t-shirt is that the pixel of that image should be 128×128 pixels and then simply upload the picture it on Roblox to use it as a t-shirt.

Pants and Shirts:

The pants and shirts are different from t-shirts because they get wrapped around the whole body of the avatar and that gives you more access to the design of the clothes. You can use a clothing template to help you play with the designs of the clothes and can also draw on them if you like. The templates are provided by the Roblox that I have uploaded below so you can save them and it will help you design the pants and T-shirts.

You should follow the steps given below to make your own clothes:

1) Just simply save the templates given below that will help you with designing your pants and shirts.

2) After saving the template onto your computer open the templates on an image editor. You can use any kind of image editing program to use these templates.

When you look at the templates you can see that there are parts on the templates where it’s written folded up and it is wrapped around the body of the avatar it’s body, arms, and legs.

I will provide the sizes of the template below so it is easier for you use them

Larger Square:

The size of the template with the large square is 128 x 128 pixels and it covers the front and block of torso.

Tall Rectangle:

The tall rectangle of the template is of 64 x 128 pixels. It covers the sides of the torso that includes the Right and Left side. It also includes the side of both arms and legs.

Wide Rectangle:

The wide rectangle of the templates is 128 x 64 pixels and it covers the top and the bottom of the torso.

Small Square:

The small square of the template is 64 x 64 pixels and it is the smallest part that is used for the top and bottom of the legs and arms.

Uploading the clothes:

Before uploading the clothes you should make sure that the dimensions of the shirts and pants are exact of the template, it should be 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels in length because if it doesn’t match these dimensions then the clothes won’t upload.

Following are the steps of uploading the clothes:

1) The first step is obviously saving the template and you can use 8-bit alpha channels for the transparent regions of the template.
2) Now go to the Create page on the website.
3) Then go to the My Creations option.
4) You should now select anyone of the option from Shirts, Pants or t-shirts.
5) Then select the file of template you have saved.
6) Type the name you want to give the design.
7) Simply click the upload button and once Roblox has gone through the dimensions and approves the template the item will be added into your creations so you can apply it on your avatar or you can put it on sale for other players to use.

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