How to Make a Teleporter in Roblox

If you haven’t played Roblox than trust me you are missing out a whole lot of fun and you should get right to it. But I think most of you who are reading this Guide for making Teleporter on Roblox is quite familiar with the game so let’s not waste a time making small talk.

What is Teleporting:

Now this game is a bit complex than it might seem at that makes it more interesting as it keeps us quite engaged when playing it. There are a lot of elements of this game and tools that help you build any kind of building or surrounding.

Teleporters are not built by Roblox rblx land but they are made by the users of and you can make your own Teleporter just by gaining few skills. As almost all of the things in Roblox, you need scripts in the language Lua. Teleporters are very common in Roblox, therefore, you won’t need to pay for it and you can find free to use scripts to get access to them.

Steps of getting teleporters:

  • The first step is just started by opening the Roblox home page.
  • Then go to the Insert tab in the Menu bar and choose tools from the list.
  • Get to the top of the tools panel and there you will see bricks, you can click on any of the thumbnail of the default bricks.
  • You can now get access to that brick through your web viewer.
  • Click on the brick and you will see the properties of that You can rename that brick to teleporter and highlight the name if you like.
  • Again click on that same brick in the world viewer and then select the Insert tab in the menu bar.
  • A window of objects will appear from there select Script and then Press OK.
  • Once again select the insert tab and then click on Explorer. As you do so the panel will appear to the right of the tools panel.
  • Double Click the Script that is below the explorer panel. A text area will appear where you will have to type the script.
  • Type in the script written below:
  • -function onTouch(part) local Toucher = part.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) if Toucher -= nil then Toucher.Torso.CFrame = (“0,0,1”) end end teleporter = script.Parent teleporter.Touched: connect(OnTouch)
  • Select the Explorer tab and the script that you just entered will help you change the brick into a
  • You can place the teleporter wherever you want by changing the default coordinates “0,0,1” and when the players touch your teleporter they will get transported to that location. The coordination as you might know are arranged as x-axis,z-axis and y-axis.

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