How To Make a Roblox Audio

Audio is a very important aspect of any platform especially when it comes to games. You need to have engaging audio to make the game interesting and fun while you are playing.

If you want to add audio to your game or if you are creating a new game and want to add narration, music or any kind of sound effect then knowing how to make Audio in Roblox rblx land is necessary so today I will provide you with a simple guide to make audio.

Size of Audio file:

So before uploading any audio file, you should know that the duration of that file should be less than 7 minutes. Which means it has to be smaller than 20.0 MB.

Format of Audio File:

Make sure that the audio file is in .mp3 or .ogg if the file isn’t of this format than you can go to multiple sites available online can convert it to mp3. Or .ogg.

Steps of Making Audio:

  • Login to your Roblox account.
  • There will be a blue bar at the top of your screen with the name Create.
  • Click on the Audio option.
  • Then click browse and select the audio file that you want to add.
  • Once you have selected click the Estimate price so you know the Robux cost of your upload.
  • Then to finalize your upload click Purchase for XR$ and you will be able to upload the file.

Costs of Audio File:

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to upload music without spending a few bucks so let’s talk about your options so you can choose the best option suitable for you.

  • 10 seconds Audio Length: Costs 20 R$.
  • 10-30 seconds Audio Length: Costs 35 R$
  • 30 seconds- 2 minutes Audio Length: Costs 70 R$
  • 2-7 minutes Audio Length: 350 R$

I hope this guide has helped you the way I had hoped now you can make music on Roblox whenever you might Like. Have fun!

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