How to Get Unbanned From Roblox

There are times when you might be breaking some rules on any website and then the next thing you know is that you are blocked from that website. You should be on the best behavior when you are on any kind of platform but mistakes happen just part of human nature. If you have made a mistake and now want redemption then you have come to the right place.

But just so you know you just don’t get banned on Roblox rblx land if you haven’t done anything wrong. If you have cursed other players and if you have threatened someone the moderators of the game will block you like this kind of behavior is not tolerated on Roblox. But the good news is that you can redeem yourself as the Ban lasts for 2 weeks’ time.

Steps for applying to get unbanned:

  • When you get temporarily banned from Roblox you will receive a term of service that you will have to read through and then accept it.
  • There will be an option of Contact Us on the bottom of the screen, you have to select that are you will be redirected to a web page with all the contact options.
  • You will have to choose the Customer Service option to get the email option.
  • This will get you to an email template for Roblox Customer Service.
  • Fill all the details asked on that email and appeal that shows how the actions leading to your ban weren’t entirely your fault, or in simpler terms tell your side of the story.
  • You can Call Roblox Customer Service to inquire about the ban placed on your account so you can have a better understanding of the issue at hand.
  • If you don’t want to write an email you can also talk to a representative of Roblox by calling them on one of the numbers that are listed on the Customer Service page.
  • You can give them the appropriate reason for lifting the ban from your account.

Things to Remember:

Now we all know that all of us make mistakes but one or two times can be a mistake but if you do it a third time it is a habit and therefore if you get 3 strikes on Roblox you will get banned for 2 weeks. You should also read the terms and conditions of Roblox so you have a better understanding of why you keep on getting banned.


To simply avoid a ban on your account you should know that profanity is not tolerated in the Roblox Community as they are trying to create a healthy and constructive environment for their players. So no bullying or threating is allowed on Roblox and you should respect these rules as they are there to give you a comfortable environment for each of the individuals playing Roblox. These offenses will cause your account ban and you won’t be able to enjoy the game for 2 weeks so keep that in mind while playing.

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