How to Copy Roblox Shirts

Today we will be talking about the amazing game Roblox rblx land that has everything that you want from a gaming website. I haven’t come across anyone who didn’t just fall in love with the website the first time they visited it. It is a fantastic platform for every age group as it has the variation of simple to complex games.

So today I will be providing you with the guide that will help you copy any shirt you like and makes it yours without thinking twice. Just remember these steps or save this page in your bookmark so you don’t have to surf through multiple websites again if you forget the method.

Steps of Copying Shirts:

  • Go to Roblox and to its Catalog page, after getting to the page select the Shirts option.
  • After selecting that go to the menu on the left side and open the list that has all the available shirts.
  • Select the shirt you like and click on the link of the shirt you want.
  • When you click the link of the shirt you will be redirected to a page with the shirt’s information.
  • Now go to the top and Select the web address of the window in your browser and change the last number to one digit smaller. For example, if it is 5 change it to 4.
  • After doing so the template of that shirt will appear and now all you have to do it Right-click on the template and Select Copy and there you have it the Shirt is Copied.

Simple Now isn’t it, Hope you can copy as many shirts as you like. Have fun with the new gear!

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