Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

New Codes Bee Swarm Simulator

2YearsAfterParty (added 2020/3/21)Glue buff, Oil buff, Enzymes buff, Blue Extract buff, Red Extract buff, Tropical Drink buff, Mountain Top Field Capacity x3, and also Mountain Top Market Boost
2Years (added 2020/3/21)Atomic Treat x1, Marshmallow Bee x1, Field Dice x3, Micro-Converters x3, Tickets x10, Mountain Top Boost x3, and also Capacity Code buff
PineappleParty (added 2020/3/15)15 Pineapples, 1 Tropical Drink, Marshmallow Bee buff, Capacity Code buff, 3 Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Capacity Boost, and also Pineapple Patch Market Boost
Buoyant (added 2020/2/22)Blueberries x25, Blue Extract buff, Capacity Code buff, Blue Flower Boost x3, Blue Flower Field Capacity Boost , and also Blue Flower Field Market Boost
Valentine (added 2020/2/14)Strawberries x25, Baby Love, Red Extract Buff, Rose Field Boost x3, and also Rose Field Capacity Boost
BigBag (added 2020/2/12)Capacity Code Buff (Duration: 48 hours)
Market (added 2020/2/10)Bitterberries x10, Pollen Boost, Pineapple Patch Market Boost, and also Sunflower Field Market Boost
Teespring (added 2019/10/29)Marshmallow Bee x1, Bamboo Field Boost x3, and also Bamboo Field Winds x3
4MilMembers (added 2020/10/19)Royal Jelly x1, Field Dice x4, Micro-Converter x4, Clover Field Boost x1, Clover Field Winds x4, and also Mother Bear Morph
Tornado (added 2019/09/28)1 Cloud Vial, 3 Jelly Beans, and also 1 Royal Jelly

More Valid Codes Bee Swarm Simulator

Gumaden10T (added 2019/09/261 Pepper Patch Boost, 3 Pepper Patch Winds, 1 Coconut Field Boost, 3 Coconut Field Winds, 2 Blue Flower Field Boost, 3 Blue Flower Field Winds, 1 Cloud Vial, and also 15 Pineapple
BeesBuzz123 (added 2019/09/26Spirit bear after QR Quest): 1 Cloud Vial, 3 Jelly Beans, and also 5 Gumdrops
Breeze (added 2019/09/21)2 Cactus Field Boost, 3 Dandelion Field Boost, 3 Mushroom Field Boost, 1 Magic Bean, 20 Sunflower Seed, and also 3 Micro-Converters
38217 (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Bopmaster (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Buzz (added 2018/05/18)5.000 Free Honey
Cog (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Connoisseur (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Crawlers (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Nectar (added 2018/05/18)5.000 Honey
Roof (added 2018/05/18)5 Free Tickets
Wax (added 2018/05/18)5 Tickets and also 5.000 Honey
Wink (added 2018/06/08)5 Tickets, Haste +, +7 Dandelion Field Boost and also 5.000 Honey
300MVisits (added 2018/11/05)x10 Treat, x 2 Sunflower Field Boost, x 2 Rose Field Boost, x Royal Jelly, Wealth Clock and also x 2 Pine Tree Forest Boost
ClubBean (added 2018/11/28)2x Pineapple Patch Boost and also Magic Bean
SecretProfileCode (added 2018/12/04)Oil Buff, Flue Buff, Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly and also Enzymes Buff
WikiHonor (added 2018/12/11)3x Strawberry Field Boost, 5x Inspire, 10x Pineapple, Stinger, Royal Jelly and also 10x Gumdrops
WikiAwardClock (added 2018/12/11)5x Wealth Clock
GumdropsForScience (added 2018/12/19)15x Gumdrops
2MFavorites (added 2019/01/10)5x Ticket, Oil, 5x Strawberry, 5x Blueberry, 5x Wealth Clock, Haste+, Royal Jelly, Baby Love, Black Bear Morph, 2x Stump Field Bost and also 5x Sunflower Field Boost
Bloxyboost (added 2019/02/6)5x Ticket, 5x Mushroom Field Boost and also 1 hour Conversion Boost
BeeMine (added 2019/02/14)Royal Jelly, 3x Rose Field Boost, 10x Strawberry and also 1 hour conversion boost
Sure (added 2019/02/21)2.500 Honey, 3x Dandelion Field Boost and also 30 min conversion boost
BloxyCelebration (added 2019/02/23)5 tickets, magic bean, baby love, 5 clover field boost, 3 mountain top field boost and also 6 hours conversion boost
Reboooot (added 2019/03/08)Wealth clock, 2 hours conversion boost, 4 spider field boost and also stump field boost
ClubConverters (added 2019/04/14)10 Micro-Converters, but just for BSS Club Members
ClubBasket (added 2019/04/18)3 Jelly Beans, 2 Blue Flower Field Boost, 2 Sunflower Field Boost, 1 Mushroom Field Boost, 1 Royal Jelly , and also 10 Gumdrops. But just for BSS Club Members

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